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Laser Tattoo Removal

At Dubai Confident Clinic in Jumeirah, we are offering laser tattoo removal services using advance techniques and methods.  Our skilled Dr’s uses latest laser tattoo removal method which is cost effective and result driven. The latest Q-Switched Laser Machine help us to remove the Tattoo’s from your skin efficiently and pain-free.

The removal of tattoo using laser is most advance method which removes it entirely from the skin leaving no scars or pigmentation behind. During the treatment our Dr’s examine the current state of the tattoo and collect all the information from the patient. This help our Dr’s to identify the exact timeline of removal, and how the treatment should be done to avoid any consequences. We make sure that there is no side effect, but in case you have any skin burn, redness, or tender skin we will help you to soothe it and guide you accordingly. Our priority is Patient Satisfaction!

  • Professionally trained staff
  • No scars after the treatment
  • Complete safety and professional environment
  • Clean, hygienic & sterile instruments
  • Treatment is Suitable for men and women
laser tattoo removal


Q1: Can all types of Tattoo’s removed?

Ans: Yes, all types of Tattoo’s can be removed using the advanced laser technology.

Q2: Is there any scar left after treatment?

Ans: If your body does not have any scar prior to treatment, there are very less likely chances to have the scars after the treatment. 

Q3: How long the treatment takes?

Ans: The treatment time varies depending on the type of skin, ink used, duration and size of the tattoo.

Q4: Does the laser tattoo removal is painful?

Ans: There is a slight level of easily bearable pain during the treatment. 

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