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Ear Piercing

At Dubai Confident we are offering ear lobe piercing services. Very few of these procedures are done in a medical institutions. Usually people prefer to get it done by non-professionals and ends up with pain and infections. To avoid such allergic reactions one have to visit professional experienced doctor or a clinic.

There are different type of piercing offered at our clinic i.e., upper ear and helix piercing. Ear lobe piercing can be done on both men and women, but it’s very popular among women. 

  • Professionally trained staff
  • One step single use, prepackaged piercing earrings
  • Complete safety and professional environment
  • Clean, hygienic & sterile instruments
  • Suitable for Infants, children and adults
Ear lobe Piercing


Are ear piercings safe?

Yes, its safe. If done by professionals.

Are ear piercing guns safe?

Yes, if the the needle is sterilized or used once. Usually one step sterilized pre packaged earrings are used.

Is ear piercing painful?

No, unless you don’t visit the professional.

What causes infection on an ear cartilage piercing?

Cartilage piercing is usually done on hard part of the ear. So it requires more time to get heal and there are more chances you get infection. So yes there are chances if its not properly taken care of.

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