Digital Smile Design is revolutionizing the way we’re designing smiles. Traditionally, dentists had to take patient models and then transfer them to a lab. While with this method,it’s essentially digital advancement of the guess work. This means that the results can be optimal.

Creating More Beautiful Smiles
With Digital Smile Design, you can take all the proportions of the face and put them together digitally. Dentists take photos and videos during several steps of the treatment. The digital process allows for a much greater level of control, which produces higher quality results. It also allows patients and dentists to work together in a way that wasn’t possible before so that dentists can carry out the desires and emotional needs of their patients. This collaboration creates more natural, beautiful smiles.

But why is it so important that the dental industry continues to improve smiles? For most patients, it simply isn’t enough to have teeth that are fully functional. They also want to have a smile that makes them feel confident in order to open up a whole new world of possibilities both personally and professionally. Feeling good about yourself and displaying this confidence among peers and co-workers leads to a deeper level of trust, and in turn more intimate relationships.

Dentists should prefer digital smile design
One of the best aspects of Digital Smile Design is that it is so easy to use. Any dentist can learn the required skill set. Dental practices don’t need any sort of special equipment or software to start implementing the process. Any personal computer or tablet device with basic presentation software (i.e. MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote) will suffice for Digital Smile Design. As it is such an affordable, simple method, every dentist should start using it today.

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