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If you have missing teeth, traditional dentures are no longer your only option. In fact, now a much more natural-looking and effective dental procedure can replace missing teeth for a better aesthetic look and improved chewing and speaking and better still, it’s a permanent solution! Dental implants at Confident Dental and Skin Care Clinic can replace what you have lost with a range of solutions that both look and feel like natural teeth and many cases can be done in just one day!

Why do I Need a Dental Implant?

When you’ve lost a tooth or a tooth has been damaged beyond repair by injury or decay, you’ll need to consider your alternatives. Living without one or more of your teeth can be painful and unhealthy. It can also destroy your confidence, and make you reluctant to smile or speak naturally. Temporary or impermanent replacements, such as dentures, can fill in the gap, but they will not look or feel the same as your natural teeth, and can cause other problems, including damage to otherwise healthy teeth that are being used to support the artificial device, bone loss, and deterioration in the bone structure of your face.

Dental implants can be used to replace one or more of your teeth in a manner that is durable, beautiful, and that mimics your natural tooth structure. A tooth implant from confident can be made to look and feel so natural that it will seem – to you and to others – like your natural tooth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)– Healthy Teeth and Gums

PRP treatments in Dental and Oral Surgery: From the Wound Healing to Bone Regeneration.

 It is a new approach for tissue regeneration and it is becoming a valuable adjunct to promote healing in many procedures in dental and oral surgery, especially in aging patients. The use of PRP in surgical practice have beneficial outcomes, reducing gum bleeding, enhancing soft tissue healing and bone regeneration, restore natural gum color and shape, reduce tooth mobility, and stop the progression of periodontal diseases. PRP has promising results regarding procedures like tooth extraction, periodontal surgery, implant surgery, oral surgery, wound healing, reduce the risk of implant failure and increase bone regeneration.

The use of PRP has also been proposed in management of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) with the aim of enhancing wound healing and bone maturation.

Dental Implants at confident

Many of our patients come in being quite certain of two things: 1) they want their smiles transformed beautifully and 2) they don’t want it to take forever.

Using the computer-guided dental implant technology, our doctors will request a CBCT scan of your mouth and jaw when you come in to plan treatment on the place of the implant.

Once we have established what it will take to successfully place your dental implants, in most cases your treatment can begin immediately by our Specialist Implantologist.

After the placement of the dental implant is made, with minimum trauma to the gum and bone, a temporary crown will be fixed on the implant for the patient to leave with, this can provide an excellent gum healing that mimics the natural tooth gum, in addition to the esthetic.

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