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Confident Dental and Skin Care Clinic provides an array of orthodontic treatments for adults and children that are designed to straighten the teeth, correct bite issues, and address other problems that might have arisen from the form and function of the teeth. With many different treatment options, we can help you or your child fix orthodontic problems and prevent future dental issues.

* Adult Orthodontic Treatment
At the clinic, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments for adults who are looking to straighten misaligned teeth and correct over and under bites. Orthodontics not only improve the look of your teeth, but can also prevent further damaging effects that crooked teeth and over/underbites can cause.

* Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment
If your child is showing signs of orthodontic problems when their adult teeth are erupting, then it’s a good time to book an evaluation with one of our dental experts to determine if treatment is needed to prevent further damage and misalignment.

* Proud to offer Clear Teeth Aligners
Confident Dental and Skin Care Clinic is a certified provider of clear aligners. These clear teeth aligners are primarily for use by adults and offer a more comfortable and discreet way of straightening your teeth.


A crooked smile (also referred to as a malocclusion) can have a negative impact on the way you look, feel and conduct yourself on a day to day basis. At our dental practice located in jumeriah we find that many patients are unhappy with the appearance of their smile, but put off seeking orthodontic treatment due to aesthetic and financial concerns. Fortunately at Confident clinic we offer a range of innovative orthodontic treatment options to fit your smile, lifestyle and budget.

Orthodontic treatment can be a great tool at any stage of life- for children, adolescents and even adults. A world away from traditional uncomfortable and unsightly orthodontic treatments, at Confident clinic we offer a wide range of orthodontic treatment options to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our orthodontic treatment options includes Full Orthodontics, SmileFast Magic Braces™, Lingual Braces, Invisalign, Early Intervention Orthodontics, Six Month Smiles.

At our dental practice in Jumeriah, our dental professionals can walk you through your various treatment options and their associated costs to determine which treatment is good for you.


Imagine an orthodontic treatment that’s virtually invisible to those around you. Invisalign is a game-changing orthodontic system that has revolutionised the way in which dental professionals can straighten your smile. Utilising a series of transparent aligners, Invisalign is a removable and virtually transparent orthodontic system that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Invisible braces? How is it possible?
Invisalign uses the basic fundamentals of traditional orthodontics, but does not actually involve the sometimes uncomfortable metal wires and brackets! Instead, Invisalign works to straighten your smile much more subtly by using transparent medical-grade plastic aligners that are custom made to fit your smile. These aligners then exert gentle pressure on the teeth until they move gradually into the desired position!

The benefits of Invisalign
At our dental practice in Jumeriah we find that adults who have put off seeking orthodontic treatment for years due to aesthetic concerns are particularly suitable for this system. This is due to the fact that Invisalign is one of the most lifestyle friendly orthodontic systems:

  1. Invisalign may be removed for important meetings, events and for photographs
  2. Due to the removable nature of this system you may maintain your regular oral hygiene routine
  3. Zero diet restrictions are experienced with this system as the aligners can simply be removed to enjoy your favourite sticky or crunchy foods
  4. No uncomfortable tightening visits are required and there are no sharp wires to irritate your cheeks and gums

If you are seeking an aesthetically pleasing, functional and lifestyle friendly orthodontic system then Invisalign may be the ideal choice for you.

What should I expect from my Invisalign treatment?
Your treatment will be conducted in stages and will involve:

  • Your initial consultation with one of our dental professionals in which we will discuss your needs and take impressions of your teeth
  • Your dental impressions will then be turned into a digital, 3D image which will give your dentist a clearer idea of the movements necessary to align your smile. We will be able to show you a virtual representation of your teeth prior to, during and after treatment so you can have realistic expectations about your results.
  • Your custom-designed aligners will then be created and are to be worn for two weeks before your next set of aligners need to be switched. Depending on your individual case, treatment should take around 9-18 months.


Our full orthodontics is an affordable and cost-effective solution to aligning your teeth Traditional orthodontic treatments can be an effective and reliable choice for adults and adolescents alike. Traditional full orthodontics can be used for cosmetic reasons, such as straightening slightly crooked teeth, or more medical reasons, such as properly aligning overcrowded teeth or treating malocclusions (bite). At Confident clinic in Jumeriah we are happy to recommend orthodontic treatment if it is in the interest for you or your adolescent child.

How can braces help me?
Traditional orthodontic braces are generally used to:

  • Ultimately help teeth function better
  • Reduce the risk of decay or infection caused by dental anomalies
  • Reduce the pressure placed on the gums, jaws and surrounding teeth
  • Properly align teeth for an enhanced aesthetic

By treating these issues braces may be able to save you time and money in the long term! At your consultation we will conduct a thorough orthodontic assessment that may include the need for digital x-rays so our dentists can gain greater insight into any issues beneath the gums. Treatment times for this orthodontic system generally vary and largely depend on the complexity of the case, but most patients experience results in 18-24 months.

Brushing with your braces doesn’t have to be hard.

While traditional braces do require some personal adjustment and getting used to, keeping your smile clean doesn’t have to be difficult! Be sure to brush and rinse your mouth after each meal to remove any trapped food debris. Brushing will take longer as all the areas around the braces and between the teeth will require your attention. Be sure to brush gently but thoroughly, as plaque accumulation can cause the gums to become infected or inflamed. An electric tooth brush is a very good tool to make your daily cleaning easier.

What to expect after getting your braces
For the first few days expect your teeth to be a bit sore and sensitive: this is normal as your teeth adjust to the braces. The braces will also rub against your cheeks and lips which can irritate these soft tissues. After a week or so your mouth should become used to your braces and the pain and sensitivity you may initially feel should become minimal.


Want all the benefits of traditional braces without obstructing your smile?
Lingual braces could be your answer!Now it is possible to completely hide your braces. Lingual braces are a new form of traditional orthodontic treatment with a twist – they are applied to the inner side of your teeth! This means they are invisible. Patients usually find that lingual braces are not only cosmetically appealing but are much more comfortable than traditional orthodontics as they do not irritate the lips and cheeks.What’s so great about lingual braces?
Lingual braces work in the same fashion as traditional braces with one exception- they are attached to the inside of your smile and so are virtually invisible to those around you! Lingual braces typically generate results in the same amount of time as traditional braces.Am I a suitable candidate for lingual braces?
The great thing about lingual braces is they are suitable for nearly everyone, of all ages!What to expect after your lingual braces are applied?
Cleaning your lingual braces is slightly more difficult than regular braces, as they are applied on the inner side of your teeth it can make it harder to see. Clean your teeth as per normal but take care when cleaning around your braces. At your consultation we will discuss cleaning your teeth with lingual braces and how to manage your smile during treatment. Again, an electric toothbrush will make it easier.


Orthopaedics can enhance the long term oral health of your child.
Employed during childhood years, orthopaedics can dramatically enhance the long term health and appearance of your child as they grow. This early intervention treatment is used to guide the healthy development of your child’s jaw, facial profile and breathing habits to give your child the start in life.What is early intervention orthodontics?
Early intervention orthodontics is typically used for children under 12 years of age to help stabilise dental and jaw growth issues that may cause problems later in life. Issues such as:

  • Severe malocclusions such as overbites, under bites and cross bites
  • Severe tooth impactions
  • Misaligned jaws

All of the above can play a large role in influencing your child’s dental and jaw development, which can impact your child later in life. By addressing these concerns early, at Confident clinic in Jumeriah we can give your child a better chance at not only avoiding the need for braces during adolescence, but create a better functioning smile!

Orthodontic issues usually become apparent by about 7 years of age, so it is important to bring your child in for an orthodontic assessment at around this age so we can track your child’s dental development and identify issues early.

Did you know your child’s habits could be influencing their oral health? It’s true – the things your child does could be negatively impacting their smile and function. Issues such as:

  • Mouth-breathing
  • Sucking the thumbs
  • Poor posture
  • Not chewing properly

Can all play a role in impacting the health and function of your child’s smile. By finding these issues early, we have a better chance of achieving greater results to optimise their dental arch and facial development. Orthodontic treatment performed on children is effective as the jaws have not finished developing.


Are you looking to get your new smile fast? Our Smilefast may be a suitable option for you!

At Confident clinic, we use Smilefast for patients who require a much faster and efficient alternative to traditional full orthodontics. Using a combination of traditional techniques with the modern technology, Smilefast cosmetically aligns the teeth more rapidly without compromising quality or safety. The typical treatment duration is about one year but for some it can be completed in just a few months!

How do Smilefast work?
Conventional braces usually work in two stages: the first moving the crown of the tooth, and the second stage moving the root of the tooth. The Smilefast technology uses an innovative bracket and an advanced shaped wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth that exerts pressure on the teeth and allows them to straighten more effectively and more quickly. This combination is the key to straightening both the root and the crown simultaneously, allowing for a speedy treatment.

Why should I choose Smilefast?
Smilefast have many benefits which include:

  • A much shorter treatment time – no more waiting for 2 years for straight teeth, with Smilefast treatment should be complete in just months to one year!
  • Using the modern technology this treatment is safe and easy
  • They are suitable for both children and adults!
  • They provide more comfort than traditional treatments

Are these braces the right treatment for me?
Smilefast have been designed specifically for children and adults for a cost-effective procedure that is complete in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces. This treatment can treat a range of concerns such as:

  • Large bite discrepancies
  • Teeth that are crooked or crowded
  • Protruding teeth
  • Prominent front teeth

If you experience any of the above concerns then Smilefast may be a solution for you. Feel free to discuss this option at your consultation and our dentists can assess your smile and recommend whether this treatment is in your interests.

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