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Confident offers comprehensive dental treatment for your whole family’s needs. With a convenient location, flexible appointment options and a comfortable and inviting environment, you will want to bring your family in with you.

It’s our aim to provide high quality and fast dental solutions whatever your age or requirement. Dental services include for example Oral screenings & examinations, professional cleanings, same day emergency care, oral disease treatment, extractions, orthodontics stents, mouth splints and more.

When is the right time to bring my child in for their first check-up?

It is never too early to start dental visits, however generally we recommend bringing your child in when they get their first tooth erupted. This allows our family dentists to track their dental development and make sure their teeth emerge properly, minimizing the possibility of braces and dental decay problems later in life.

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My infant has only got one tooth, do I still need to clean their mouth?

The simple answer to this is YES! From that the child develops its first tooth, it is necessary to keep it clean. Even one single tooth can develop cavities and gum problems. It is also important to develop a twice-daily cleaning habit from an early age. It is also important not to put your child to bed with juice, milk or other soft-drinks as these liquids are high in sugars and can impact your child’s oral health. Only keep plain water as a bed-side drink.

If you are seeking dental care tailored to your unique needs, budget and lifestyle, look no further than the team of dental professionals at Confident dental and skincare clinic.

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