Traveling with sleep apnea is possible

Sleep apnea causes that millions of people have sleeping problems and are unable to get a restorative sleep, feeling exhausted every morning. CPAP is the most common treatment for nighttime apneas and allows the patient a good rest.

The people who depend on this machine have to use it continuously throughout the night and surely during all their life. Being dependent on a machine every night makes many people resort to the mandibular advancement devices (MAD) as Orthoapnea.  The most frequent reasons why CPAP patients switch to MAD are discomfort, noise, the need to be plugged in or claustrophobia. Among other reasons, it is a difficulty and discomfort of moving the machine due to travel or vacation, or in cases in which the work requires the constant change of residence.

ORTHOAPNEA, the device that allows you to travel

OrthoApnea is the treatment for snoring and sleep apnea that, in addition to its clinically proven effectiveness, excels at delivering a clear advantage: Comfort.

Besides being designed to allow all mouth movements (laterality, advancement and opening), it is easy to store and transport.

OrthoApnea is an effective alternative for both, patients who cannot tolerate CPAP, as well as for those who tolerate it, but for convenience, prefer to alternate both treatments, replacing the continuous positive pressure machine in special situations, as for example, going to a trip.

Dispositivo OrthoApnea

Now in summer and during holidays or frequent city breaks, OrthoApnea is the best option for traveling.  With this device you can relax away from your home and without worrying about anything.

Don’t let sleep apnea to cut you off from enjoying the holidays! Travel with OrthoApnea!